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Hello. My name is John Repecko, but I prefer to be called Jay. I started at the Concord Church of Christ in Concord New Hampshire in May 2013. I came to Concord from Caribou Maine where I served the Caribou Church of Christ for almost seven years. I am a 2006 graduate of Sunset International Bible Institute where I earned my Bachelor in Religious Studies in Congregational Ministry and a 2009 graduate of Amridge University where I received a Bachelor of Science in Bible and Ministry. I am a New England native, growing up on the North Shore in Massachusetts. My wife and I have two children who are both married and we have three grandchildren. I am usually in the office until around lunch time and then I am out and about. If you see me please feel free to say “Hi.” I am happy to talk to you. I would also like to take this opportunity to invite to our worship service on Sunday mornings. We have Bible Class from 9:30 – 10:30 AM and Worship starts at 10:45 AM. There is also a class on Wednesday evenings from 7:00 – 8:00 where we try to take Scripture and discuss where is fits in our lives and the changes it should be making in them. You will find that I am a big proponent of letting Scripture speak for itself as I believe that God wrote what He wanted us to know. I really enjoy sitting down and discussing Scripture in any setting. If you are interested in studying God’s Word just let me know. I hope you take the time to come and visit us.



  1. Margaret Hook says:

    Hi Flo,
    Thank you and your Concord ladies for putting on such an inspirational program yesterday! The two-year calendar and drink mug are going to come in handy.
    Thanks too to Jay and the guys for fixing such a delicious lunch. Chicken rice soup is one of my favorites!
    Please send my your email address, as I have a short story to tell you.


  2. Roy Davison says:

    Dear Jay,
    Thanks for the excellent article in the Christian Chronicle and may the Lord bless you in the great mission field of New England.
    It is also difficult for people in other parts of the country to understand that living costs in the north-east are much higher than in many other parts of the country.
    Along similar lines, you might find my article of interest, “All nations and every creature”
    (I would have made a comment under the Chronicle article, but one must be on Facebook to reply there.)
    May the Lord bless you.
    Roy Davison


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